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Strong Customer Relationship is what you need! Here’s Why…

Jun 23, 2018  /  By Admin

It is always easier to sell a product to someone who is already interested in your travel agency than trying to find and acquire new customers. Taking a step ahead in this concept I would encourage all sales and customer service people out there to “please hit those leads first that you’ve already generated.”

It’s as simple as developing good and strong relationships with your customers or clients. This works wonders for all kind of businesses because building a positive and strong relationship has untold benefits to a business. Here are some reasons why building strong relationships is an integral part of flourishing within the service sector.

Marketing becomes cheap

Some traditional business management concepts count marketing as an expense and it has become quite hard to combat this ideology, but there is a way out; build strong relationships with your customers or clients from the get go, a simple smile and polite attitude can go a long way. Remember, do not try to bluff the customer with the urge to make a sale, the customer is well aware and smart and if they catch you lying they are gone! Forever!

Word of mouth will be your best marketing

Negative experience grows exponentially by 12, while a positive experience grows by 4, in other words it’s the ratio of 1:3 when it comes to positive over negative. So it’s extremely risky to give a bad experience, it is like seize fire and spreads equally fast, so be extra careful. Use this to your benefit, add value to you customers’ experience on their tours, and make it as memorable as you possible can so that they mention you when they show off their holiday.

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Happy customer is a returning customer

Jun 23, 2018  /  By Admin
Making and keeping customer happy has benefits beyond our imagination, it’s not just their satisfaction. As stated above healthy and good customer relationship has an impact on word of mouth for the business, and tourism service providers have an advantage over others because we are lucky enough to gain their trust the moment they enter our premises and from there onwards it’s our job to retain them, and if you make them happy they will establish stronger trust in you and eventually return, directly or indirectly. In turn, a great CRM strategy helps build strong reputation and loyalty which is essential for business reputation. A happy and satisfied customer who feels their needs are met are likely to give a positive feedback for our business and come back. It makes you different Tourism industry has grown massively over the period of time and many new businesses have entered the market. Also, the digitization of tours and travel has taken over the industry by storm because of the convenience it provides to their customer. So how do you as a travel agency stand out? The answer is quite simple and it is building in person relation, a survey by forbes on 760 business executives was conducted where 84% preferred face-to-face interaction with customers, the reason given was, it builds stronger meaningful relationship also makes both parties feel the sense of credibility. This makes you very strong as a travel agent because your customers can see you in person, so you can win their trust. On contrary if you provide excellent services by adding value to their tour bookings by providing them extra services, you become unique for them. It is more affordable to retain a customer This is the most important reason of all. Getting a new customer on board is very expensive task with uncertainty of the returns. There is huge marketing cost, cost incurred by sales team and cost of a team to make a strong sales strategy, and even after spending so much money there is a risk of not getting enough returns on the investment. We cannot avoid this investment as it a part of almost every business model but we can definitely reduce this cost by retaining our customers, by making sure the competitor is not attractive enough to take away the customer. It will be vital to ensure that the relationship with your customer grows as it will have great significance in long run to your business prospects. And you will be able to reduce your acquisition cost if you maintain and improve relationships with them.
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